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Tsufit gave an energetic and informative presentation concerning the business of self-publicizing. Her insights and perspective give one the tools and confidence to send you on the road to successful self-publicizing.
- Bruno Della Penna, Guardian Credit Services

Terrific Seminar. Great food for thought, very knowledgeable, good sense of humour.
- Elaine Cooper
Tsufit, You were great. Thanks
- Zel Spillman,
Great Job!!
- Silvana Cicchini, Telus Mobility Dealer    
Truly entertaining and interesting-- packed with valuable info.
- Nira Advani
Tsufit’s seminar “How to be your own publicist” was the best seminar that helped me understand the importance of publicizing my business.
- Yehuda Neve-Bar, Oasis Computer Solutions
- Jim & Nancy Conrad, Interbiz  
The seminar is dynamic and educational.
- Chris Chan, Computer Network Implementation
Very interesting and educational evening!
- Harsw Mahajan, Unified Data & Information System
Creative and workable tips. You got down to the nitty gritty of business advertising.
- Lucy Cunningham, Peak Placements

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