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Public Speaking & Presentations

Whether it's a keynote speech for 200 people, a 15 minute presentation for your local Chamber of Commerce or anything in between, Tsufit will coach you to write and/or perform a dynamic presentation. Depending on the topic and audience, Tsufit may also help you inject humour into your speech.


Are you intimidated when it's your turn to stand up at a Business Networking Function and give your 30 to 60 second introduction or "infomercial"? Tsufit will help you craft a sparkling infomercial and coach you to perform it well.

Clarifying Blurry Dreams & Making Them A Reality

Want to be an entrepreneur, start your own business, but not sure what you want to do? Tsufit interviews you at length and helps you discover your dream career! She then coaches you to make your dream a reality in small do-able bite-size pieces.

Want to see your face in the newspaper or TV? The only guaranteed way to make that happen is to plonk down big bucks for an ad or commercial. But an article or guest spot on TV has much more credibility and is generally bigger or longer than any advertisement you could afford and best of all it's free. Tsufit, the subject of numerous articles and interviews, coaches you through the ins and outs of being your own publicist, from setting up your publicity department, figuring out "What's Your Angle" and even coaching you for the all important newspaper, TV or radio interview.

What Makes Your Business Different? Why You? What's Your Angle?

Tsufit's unique personalized approach to marketing has created a buzz. See what people are saying in the testimonials section.




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