Tsufit, you are brilliant!...You’ve helped me turn what I now realize was a mediocre presentation into an excellent presentation... I have a much higher level of confidence than when I arrived... Tsufit, thank you so so much! You’re great!
- Jennifer Beale, unleash pr
[Tsufit is] very exciting to be with, she has incredible ideas and her enthusiasm is so contagious! Nobody can not do what she suggests because it’s so delicious when you hear it just bubble out of her mouth. I love the ideas she shared with me and I’m moving forward on many of her suggestions. I can’t tell you enough. She’s just incredible to work with. Try her; you’re gonna love her! ... my life is going to be different since I met Tsufit; I just know it!
- Annette Till, Real Estate Agent, Royal LePage
I have to tell you that one of the best things recently that has happened to me was meeting Tsufit. I can’t believe her enthusiasm! She’s so dynamic, so energetic. She really motivates, motivates, motivates! Every time I see her, she just gets me up up up and going. Tsufit brings out the best in me. When I’m with her, I too am full of ideas. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to doing great things with her and I just know I will achieve my dream!
- Lisa Mininni, Photographer
Meeting you has been a turning point in my life as an entrepreneur. Not only were you able to see with “laser-beam” clarity my potential, but you would not allow me to be less than we both knew I could be! You inspired me to reach out to the stars, go out on a limb, and follow my dream! I tell everyone I meet about what a wonderfully gifted coach and human being you are.... Keep up the great work Tsufit. You are leaving your mark on the world...
- Ileana Rontea, Mind Ignition
Dear Tsufit, thank you so much for your public relations mentoring sessions these past three months. My own understanding in how to create a buzz with the media has certainly skyrocketed, since I have started working with you and implementing the ideas and suggestions you have made....I am now much better equipped to put into action, your suggestions with fantastic results.
- Renate Weiler, Professional Speaker

Tsufit has an amazing mind! She has the ability to think very logically and very critically. She also has the ability to cut to the chase. I think that the reason these coaching sessions work so well for me is that Tsufit has a terrific combination of both righ brain and left brain thinking-- the artistic view as well as the well-thought out critical view all at the same time....She has lit a fire under me! .
- Ida Shessel, Speaker, Facilitator and Author
Tsufit has made my speech SO much better and much more entertaining than it was before I came to her! ... The process was absolutely phenomenal! One of the things I like best about Tsufit's process is that she uses a lot of my own background in creating the speech.There was lots of me in it, so it's easy for me to deliver it, rather than it feeling fake. I now feel much more authentic. I have never been able to crack that before so for me, that is a really really important breakthrough!
- Susan Aldridge, Outspoken1
[Tsufit and I] just spent two wonderful hours together, where I went, in the course of two hours, from a prepared flowery bull-shit speech, to a very spontaneous, no note cue-card kind of speech, and boy did it feel different!...So, I really thank you very much Tsufit. That was terrific! You helped me make the leap forward...
- Beverley Ogus, Psychotherapist

Yeah, Yeah, so she’s a good coach. But would it kill her to put on a touch of lipstick once in a while?
- Tsufit’s Mom

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