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Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and described as a coaching dynamo by Publisher's Weekly, TSUFIT is the author of the award winning book, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed.

Fourteen years ago, TSUFIT was a litigation lawyer practising in downtown Toronto’s prestigious Bay St. area. A Dean’s List graduate, TSUFIT had recently given birth to her fourth daughter in four years when she decided the time was ripe to follow her lifelong dream of being a singer and actress. She bravely sent out a press release to the media entitled “Litigation Lawyer Leaves Law for Limelight” and then set about making that true.

Within months of leaving her law practice, TSUFIT got herself booked at several Toronto comedy clubs and within a year, this vivacious brunette was featured in a national television interview with Erica Ehm.
Over the next few years, TSUFIT sang to packed audiences at amphitheatres and festivals and on live radio broadcasts (including C.B.C.’s Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean), performed stand-up comedy on W.T.N.’s “She’s So Funny” and snatched a recurring television role on Y.T.V.’s “System Crash”, all airing nationally. In 1999, TSUFIT released a CD entitled “Under the Mediterranean Sky” co-produced by Juno award winning producer, Tony Quarrington, a CD which received international airplay and appeared on many Top Album lists, with interviews being requested as far away as Finland.

Throughout these years, other singers and actors asked TSUFIT how she made the transition from lawyer to singer, how she balanced having four children with her many other pursuits and how she was so successful at promoting and publicizing herself. TSUFIT is often described as a "superwoman" (a label she downplays saying "all women are super. For us "multitasking" is the norm. We don't know any other way.") Before she knew it, TSUFIT was informally coaching a number of her friends, performers and entrepreneurs, on how to get from here to there and TSUFIT's coaching practice, FOLLOW THAT DREAM!TM, was born.

“You only get one life” says TSUFIT with a mischievous smile. “Who says you only get to do one thing?”

The Toronto Star, in a feature article, described TSUFIT as follows: "TSUFIT is a starburst of energy - bright, bubbly and upbeat! TSUFIT's life and career choices were also featured in a half hour documentary (a segment of Second Chance: Making it Work) aired on Prime TV nationally.

TSUFIT continues to act and sing (that’s her doing the tango under a Carmen Miranda headdress of tomatoes on an East Side Mario’s commercial), but she says that officially launching her coaching practice, “FOLLOW THAT DREAM!TM”, in 2002 adds depth to her original dream. Several times a week, TSUFIT is told that she should be a motivational speaker, no doubt because of her infectious enthusiasm, but TSUFIT says she wants to give her clients more than just a cheerleading session. She sends clients home with customized “to do” lists so that the momentum created leads to continued action between sessions.

“I often get excited by my clients’ dream businesses, so coaching them to achieve their dreams lets me live a few more lives vicariously.”

TSUFIT begins by interviewing her clients, (who range from photographers to real estate agents, computer consultants to boutique owners, and of course performers), and then using the little gems she usually uncovers, she helps them focus on what is interesting and unique about them, and by seeing the glint in their eyes, helps them determine where their real passion lies. This sometimes leads to a slight shift in the focus of the business itself to align it with her client’s underlying passion. TSUFIT then coaches her clients on how to put together dynamic press materials, assemble a personalized media list, and entice the media. Many clients, impressed with her ability to establish an immediate rapport with people and make them laugh, ask her to coach them on doing dazzling presentations and 60 second introductions or “infomercials”for networking functions.

"Sometimes the dream is blurry" says TSUFIT. "It's definitely there and it's recurring but certain elements are hazy. Mine included collaborating with one other person in a spacious Mediterranean studio with a large white arched balcony overlooking the water. I saw the room and the view from it quite clearly, but I didn't know who the other person was, maybe a colleague."

She now realises that the person she was collaborating with was in fact the client she would be coaching, though she quips that she’s still waiting for the balcony and the lake to materialize, as no doubt they will!

Check out TSUFIT's book "Step Into The Spotlight!--'Cause ALL Business is Show Business! : A Guide to Getting Noticed" " a Silver Medal Winner in the 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards.

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